The Arbitrazh activity is focused on consideration of each case, in accordance with applicable law, taking into account the entire complex of circumstances and presented evidences, with obligatory provision of possibility for compromise and reconciliation of the parties.
By choosing the Arbitrazh from ICA "JUS GENTIUM", you choose:
Possibility to quickly settle the dispute!
Protection of your violated rights!
Saving of forces, time and money!
Confidentiality and protection of commercial secret!


In order to contact our Arbitrazh, you need to conclude an arbitration agreement in respect of a particular transaction, or that it is easier to include in your contracts an arbitration clause, you can easily find its example on our website.

If you have an unsettled dispute with a counteragent, you need to prepare a statement of claim, attach to it all the documents (evidences) substantiating your claim.

Pay the arbitral fee (for its calculation you can contact the arbitration or calculate using the arbitration calculator).

Submit documents to the arbitration, one package of copies of the documents to the Arbitrazh, others - depending on the number of defendants.

Arbitrazh, subject to presence of grounds, shall initiate the arbitration proceedings; it will issue an appropriate decision. Following which a notice specifying a possibility to choose/agree arbitrator(s) and the date of commencement of the arbitration hearing of the case shall be sent to the parties...

The arbitration proceeding shall be held in the place and at the time determined by the Arbitrazh or agreed by the parties. Any party may participate in the arbitration hearing in person or through duly authorized representative.

In the arbitration process, the parties shall prove the circumstances to which they refer on the basis of their claims or objections. The Arbitrazh members shall examine all available documents, evidences, arguments and position of the parties.

The arbitration proceedings shall be ended by making an arbitral award. The arbitral award shall be considered to be made in the place of arbitration proceedings and shall become effective on the date of its signing by the arbitrator (arbitrators). In case of conclusion of a settlement agreement by the parties the Arbitrazh shall approve it by the arbitral award according to the agreed terms and conditions.

The Arbitrazh within the time limits set by the Rules shall issue (send) the Arbitral Award to the parties.

The unsuccessful party shall be entitled to implement the Arbitral Award voluntarily. The party, in whose favor the arbitral award was issued, shall be entitled to enforce the arbitral award.

In order to obtain an enforcement order, you must submit to the competent court an application for the issuance of enforcement order, accompanied by the original arbitral award and the original document (contract, agreement, treaty, which is the subject matter of dispute) and pay a state duty in the amount of 5 MCI.

Enforcement of the arbitral award shall be carried out according to the rules of enforcement proceedings in force at the time of implementation of the arbitral award on the basis of the enforcement order to enforce the arbitral award issued by the court.

The dispute cannot be submitted for consideration by Arbitrazh if there is no arbitration agreement concluded between the parties.

The disputes affecting the interests of minors, persons, recognized in the manner prescribed by law as incapable or partially incapable, for rehabilitation and bankruptcy, between the entities of natural monopolies and their consumers are not within the jurisdiction of Arbitrazh.

The Arbitrazh may not consider the disputes arising from personal non-property relationships that have no relation to property relationships.

The Arbitrazh may not consider the disputes between individuals and/or legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the one hand and the state bodies, state enterprises, as well as legal entities, where fifty-percent or more of the voting shares is owned by the state.


The state courts during dispute consideration are bound by both the requirements of the substantive and procedural law.


The average period of dispute consideration is 20-30 days.


The time and place for the dispute consideration, as well as an arbitrator are chosen by the parties.


In the event of the defendant’s failure to implement the arbitral award, the state court shall issue an enforcement order for its enforcement.


The amount of the registration (arbitration) fee starts from 1.5%, which is lower than in the state court.




Dear Sirs, as you know time zips along there are new preferences for participants of the business processes allowing them to more comfortably deal with emerging challenges.


Dear Sirs, arbitration is a wonderful opportunity to try your hands in new capacity.


Any adult citizen may become a partner of our Arbitrazh. Encourage any company that concludes civil-legal transactions.


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